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risoushugi's Journal

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This is a community where I (tinkinchen) want to share media like graphics and translations. You are encouraged to join, but please make sure to read the ↓rules↓ before!

Graphics & Layouts
The graphics (such as banners, bases, brushes, icons, moodthemes, wallpapers, etc) & layouts I post here are free for anyone to use as long as you:
→ credit risoushugi.
→ comment if taking, please.
→ do not steal or claim anything as yours.

Considering that I studied Japanese and Chinese for several years, I - of course - translate stuff like lyrics, diary entries or magazine articles occassionally. Anyhow, I do not translate on request, but only things I like to translate. It's much work and so I'd like you to comment and credit risoushugi if taking any of the translations postet here. Furthermore, I want you to take into consideration, that I am not a qualified translator, so there might be mistakes in my translations. I do my best to only upload texts without mistakes, but if you happen to find some nonetheless, feel free to tell me, but don't flame me. I hate such shit!
By the way: A good place to drop requests on romaji and translations are romaji and jrock_translate.

If you don't know how to credit risoushugi, just copy and paste the following:

maintainer & moderator
tin → tinkinchen

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach me through:

e-mail: tinkinchen@gmx.net
tumblr: http://tinkinchen.tumblr.com/
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