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[Translation, Romaji] Girugamesh - YO henkin (by Яyo)

Since Яyo uploaded demo versions of some songs of Girugamesh's mini-album Gravitation some months (more like a year) back on Youtube, I decided to start transcribing and translating them. The first one will be the demo version of "Not found": YO 返金(仮) [YO henkin (provisional)].

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PS: I used the lyrics Яyo provided in the description box of the uploaded Youtube video (here) to transcribe and translate them, so please don't be confused if they differ a little from what is actually sung in the song. The content is the same ;)
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[Translation] Girugamesh in Mexico - Tweets from Nii & Яyo and FB messages

You can find Nii's and Яyo's tweets (Brother_grgm) regarding Girugamesh's first visit to Mexico under the cut...

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Furthermore, due to completion reasons, I'll link the entries Girugamesh posted on Girugamesh's official Facebook page. Though since they were written in English, translation is not necessary...

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[Translation] Girugamesh - Tweets from Яyo (29th birthday)

Sep 20th, 2015 (Яyo)
After 千葉会 in Taxi.りょ。
Even though I became 29 years old, it feels like this.
I will ROCK till I am 80, so continue cheering for me, ne? Thanks for all your comments, LOVE!!
In the taxi after the Chiba meeting. Ryo.

Sep 20th, 2015 (Яyo)
Happy birthday 自分!りょ。
I became 29 years old!!*
(It feels like that) just before this I was a high school student!
Happy birthday to me! Ryo.

*The way he writes this sentence, you could put the word "unfortunately" infront as well, but I think it's obvious that he didn't want to get older anyway...

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Cute Girl [Music]

[Translation] Girugamesh - Tweets from Nii and Яyo

Since I am really into Girugamesh again lately - I always loved their music, but in the last few days I listen to it more often than I usually do - I decided to translate some tidbits from Nii's and Яyo's Twitter account (brother_grgm).

The translated tweets can be found under the cut... (If you click the dates above the tweets, you will be redirected to the original tweets on Nii's and Яyo's account.)

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Dir en grey ~ 京 [黒白]

[Translation] Haiiro no Ginka 28 - The Scream Horror Show 13 (Kyo)

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Haiiro no Ginka vol.28
The Scream Horror Show vol.13

M's explanation [1]
I am laughing
HERE I am seething with anger
You know WHERE. Why, (that’s what) you do not know, ne?
So, you're feeling extremely well? [2]
They won’t let me say, that the worst is if you are utterly plump [3]
I will kindly pat your head with trembling fingers
You are a piglet. Piglet, listen to me
Even if you die, even if you cry * * * occasionally, I notice [4]
You had a child conceived by a greasy OLD MAN [5]
You are a BITCH who tends to dream. If you’re done gaining weight [6]
I will knock you down to the deep reality with deep deep interest [7]
Surely, there … is hell
While laughing while laughing while laughing

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Dir en grey ~ 京 [黒白]

[Translation] Haiiro no Ginka 23 - The Scream Horror Show 8 (Kyo)

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Haiiro no Ginka vol.23
The Scream Horror Show vol.8

-Road to suffering- [1]

Pieces of me, that are washed away in the drainage ditch
A lavish feast of incompetent pieces
Both my hands are way too small

I cannot catch a hold of anything

Adrenaline adrenaline masochistic awakening adrenaline [2]
Grinning Grinning Deep red lips ridicule [3]
A lavish feast of incompetent pieces
Both my hands are too muddy and sweaty, too covered with tears, too stained with blood

That is why I cannot catch a hold of anything

Dislike Hate I want you dead…
The counting-out song of the flower petal game

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[Translation] Naitomea - Yomi's Birthday Wishes from Ni~ya

Original post can be found on Yomi's Instagram: here

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ZOJI~, happy birthday!
Also in the future, as a member of Naitomea’s instrumental corps,
though having poor ability, I am going to devote myself (concentrate) so I can support your singing. I’m looking forward to this…
And, please forever be the buddy who sticks to that crazy manner and makes us and the fans have fun.

Quickly invite me to your house! lol

Note: 保存 (hozon) means “save”, this is what Yomi wrote under the picture on Instagram.

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