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25 July 2015 @ 01:40 am
[Translation] Haiiro no Ginka 02 - Akuma ka warumono ka (Kyo)  



Haiiro no Ginka vol.02
Akuma ka warumono ka (Demon? Warumono?) [1]

It seems that among the postcards that were sent to Kyo’s (corner) “Akuma ka warumono ka” there was one with untrue content (read: lies, shit) written on it. As long as such fans exist, this corner won’t be maintained. I am furious.
It left more than a large hole of anger and shock. From that time on I became completely silent about the fanclub. That is the reason why the corner will be off.

[1] In order to prevent misunderstandings - warumono (わるもの) actually means “bad guy/ bad fellow”. But I decided to just transcribe the word instead of translating it, because one of Kyo’s nicknames is/ was warumono. Furthermore, back when this text was written, he was a fan of the character warumono and collected stuff concerning it…

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