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25 July 2015 @ 01:22 pm
[Translation] Haiiro no Ginka 14 - I vortex lust GO GO (Kyo)  

己渦淫GO GO




Haiiro no Ginka vol.14
I vortex lust GO GO

I received this POSTCARD.

“It would be better if you died, go to hell quickly!!
Die now, it’s an order!
Kill yourself.
From … to a DISGUSTING person”

This time, I’m (humbly) allowing myself to rest. Moreover, this corner will be closed as of today. End. Kyo

[1] Furthermore, on the address field of this card you can see , that whoever sent this, he/she wrote "死ね → 京" as well, which translates to "Die! → Kyo"
[2] Kyo received this postcard somewhen in 2002. By translating this, I didn't want to rip open old wounds. I despise whoever sent this shit and I consider it to be comtemptible... Just to make that clear.

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